Baja - Sept 17-29, 2017



If you enjoy lots of dive opportunities, underwater exploration, and marine science….then this is the adventure you have been waiting for!

The Sea of Cortez is also called “The World’s Aquarium” by Jacque Cousteau. This adventure  will explore the entire Baja Peninsula. A one-of-a-kind 13-day trip that travels port to port from San Jose del Cabo, Mexico to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. This trip includes the larger pelagics of the Southern Sea of Cortez to the wide variety of species in the North. In addition to diving, passengers can explore the islands and kayak. Divers enjoy 4 dives per day and 2 to 4 night dives.

Join Sea Dog Divers and the amazing crew of the Quino El Guardian with Dr. Carlos Armando Sanchez- Ortiz on one of the most inspiring dive adventures of your lifetime as we explore the entire length of the Sea of Cortez/Gulf of California!

Dr. Sanchez has extensive knowledge in most all animal species found in the Sea of Cortez and specializes in corals, invertebrates, sea fans, and gorgonians. One-third of the biodiversity of the Sea of Cortez is in corals. It is amazing how little is known about these animals. We need to learn more so that we can better care for and conserve them. He also provides in-depth knowledge of the area mammals such as whales, dolphins and sea lions as well as whale sharks.

Baja is a unique area offering a prolific array of life with corals, invertebrates, fishes, whales and other mammals in unprecedented numbers.

Activities are specific to the Gulf of California and include daily research projects and presentations to help answer these questions and more:

- How many and what species are in the Gulf of California?

 - How many of them are new to Science & how do we describe a new species?

 - How the climate change or human impacts are affecting the reefs biodiversity?

 - How Taxonomy can save Biodiversity?

 - How healthy are the reefs of the Gulf of California?

Research goals include but are not limited to:

- Invertebrates (sponge, corals and echinoderm) taxonomy to understand their biodiversity

 - Invertebrates inventorying to determine their diversity

 - Invertebrates and fish tissue sampling to examine their large-scale connectivity through genetics

 - Invertebrates and fish monitoring to evaluate the health status of the reef ecosystem

 - Assessing the economic value of the reef ecosystem conservation.

Take part in as much or as little of the science program as you like!

About the Trip

Quino 01

Our vessel is Quino El Guardian, 90 ft long with a 23 ft beam. She is extremely seaworthy and is approved by both the US Coast Guard and the Mexican Coast Guard. She is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and all required safety equipment.

We will depart from the marina at San José Del Cabo at 6:00 pm September 17 and will return to Puerto Peñasco on September 29 for an easy return flight from Phoenix, AZ. Ground transport (4 hrs) to Phoenix available for $75 p/p.

Planned Itinerary

Day 1 Check in at boat at 5pm at San Jose del Cabo Marina

Day 2 Cabo Pulmo

Day 3 Isla Cerralvo

Day 4 El Bajo, Ship wreck (Fang Ming) - Visit La Paz for the afternoon

Day 5 Early hike on San Francisco Island, Dora's Pinnacle, Los Islotes

Day 6 Animas

Day 7 Coronado, walk Loreto Mission Square in the evening

Day 8 Isla Alfonso

Day 9 San Pedro Martir

Day 10 Animas and Salsipuedes

Day 11 Bahia de Los Angeles - Whale Sharks, El Pescador

Day 12 Angel Island

Day 13 Disembark at 7:00 am in Puerto Penasco

Space is limited for this adventure of a lifetime so contact us ASAP with questions and to arrange your deposit & reserve your spot! 

email: Sea Dog Divers

Dive accident insurance is mandatory, and trip insurance is strongly recommended!

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